Shell’s Enchilada Platform Evacuated Due to Fire

Shell Pakistan says to pay fine for tanker fire that Jul 11, 2017 Shell safety under fire as Brent Bravo deaths judged Jul 18, 2006 Angry Annie Accident - Grafenwoehr, Germany - 1960 The incident was the worst ground-training accident involving United States forces in Germany since World War II. In August, 1955, two C-119's on an air exercise collided, killing more than sixty soldiers. The eight-inch howitzer can fire nuclear warheads. Shell Pakistan's clarification on Keamari fire incident

In a 1995 incident, during a welding operation on the outside of a tank, the combustible vapor inside two large, 30-ft diameter by 30-ft. high, storage tanks exploded and propelled the tanks upward — one landing more than 50 feet away.

Flash Fire at Shell's Convent, Louisiana Plant Flash Fire Ignited at Shell’s Sulfur Unit. The July 4 th incident occurred as contractors were working on a hydrogen line located in the facility’s sulfur unit. The flash fire ignited on the hydrogen pipe, according to a source who spoke to Reuters. It’s not clear how seriously the workers were injured, though two did require medical Shell Pakistan says to pay fine for tanker fire that Jul 11, 2017

Rifle fire started shootout;15 shell casings found after

A catastrophic failure of a 15,000 gallon polymer reactor vessel was initiated by a runaway chemical reaction involving an abnormally high amount of 1,3-butadiene during the production of Kraton-D, the Shell trademark for polymer. The reactor failure and ensuing fire resulted in the complete destruction of the polymerization unit. Big Shell Incident | Metal Gear Wiki | Fandom The Big Shell Incident is the main plot of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. It is referred to as the Plant Chapter during story selections. The year in which the incident took place was originally intended to be 2007, according to Hideo Kojima's "Grand Game Plan" for … Two killed at Shell deepwater platform, investigation Jul 01, 2019 Buncefield fire - Wikipedia