The user can specify domain credentials information in one of the following formats: User Principal Name; Down-Level Logon Name; User Principal Name. User principal name (UPN) format is used to specify an Internet-style name, such as The following table summarizes the parts of a UPN.

Class for the user represented by the specified user principal name初始化以指定用户主名称( upn )表示的用户的 Class for the user represented by the specified user principal name and the specified authentication type初始化以指定用户主名称( upn )和指定身份验证 powershell - How to change user principal name on Azure … 2020-4-28 · I'm trying to change the user principal name on my Azure AD user using a PowerShell command Set-MsolUserPrincipalName that I found in the Microsoft documentation here.This works fine and changes the user principal name, but it also changes the email property to the same value as well. Solved: Row Level Security using User Principal Name (UPN I have tried to do this using User Principal Name (UPN) by creating a role with the following expression: [E-mail Address] = userprincipalname() This does not work after testing. I even added even USERPRINCIPALNAME() to a card to check if the e-mail address displayed correctly and it did.

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When you synchronize on-premises Active Directory users with Azure, Office 365, or InTune, the User Principal Name (UPN) is often used to identify the users. This means that all users that will be synchronized should have the userPrincipalName attribute assigned, and the values should be unique in …

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