Apr 16, 2018 · IXP_E_SMTP_501_PARAM_SYNTAX: Parameter syntax incorrect: 0x800CCC64: IXP_E_SMTP_502_COMMAND_NOTIMPL: Command not implemented: 0x800CCC65: IXP_E_SMTP_503_COMMAND_SEQ: Incorrect command sequence: 0x800CCC66: IXP_E_SMTP_504_COMMAND_PARAM_NOTIMPL: Command not implemented: 0x800CCC67: IXP_E_SMTP_421_NOT_AVAILABLE: Command not available: 0x800CCC68

Windows Live Mail Setup Account for POP3 & Gmail Email How to add a Windows Live Mail account: Click on the Accounts tab in the top menu, then click on the Add Email Icon.; A popup to add your email accounts details will appear. Enter your Email address, password and display name and then check the Manually configure server settings box before clicking next.; Windows Live Mail Settings Configuration of Windows Live Mail [Documentation - Online If you start your Windows Live Mail 2011 for the first time, you will see the following page: On this page you have to enter: Your complete e-mail address (my.name@my-domain.com) Normally the SMTP server of your Internet provider (smtp.free.fr for example) User name: Your complete e-mail address. Windows Live Mail - Free Download Windows Live Mail is a free email client developed by Microsoft for the Windows platform. It used to be that Microsoft provided a stripped-down version of Outlook, a professional email solution, as the free email client for Windows. That approach had both advantages and disadvantages.

Oct 07, 2019 · I don't use Windows Live Mail (it's old and unsupported), but I looked at the server settings for Thunderbird. It has 2 options for smtp that might be interesting: - Connection security: none

Configure Windows Live Mail. Open Windows Live Mail. You will be prompted to create an email account. Next, enter your Account Settings. My incoming mail server is a (select IMAP or POP) server. We suggest IMAP. Learn more here. Incoming server: xxxx-xxxx.accessdomain.com mail.mt-example.com; Port: 143 for IMAP or 110 for POP

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Enter the the server address smtp.mail.com for the outgoing server and port 587. Check each box for Requires a secure connection and Requires authentication.