this is a very good question. the concepts is like back in telecommunication era, where a switch is connected to different segment (VLAN10 and VLAN20) and we insert a VLAN tag just before the frame is sent on the trunk line. this tag (orange color on picture below) will indicates to which VLAN the frame belong to. therefore, when the frame

How to Create VLAN And Bridge in MikroTik Routers Mar 20, 2018 VLAN Trunks (3.2.2) > Cisco Networking Academy's A VLAN trunk is an OSI Layer 2 link between two switches that carries traffic for all VLANs (unless the allowed VLAN list is restricted manually or dynamically). To enable trunk links, configure the ports on either end of the physical link with parallel sets of commands. MikroTik VLAN and Bridge Configuration - System Zone Sep 19, 2017

Dec 31, 2018

Summary. A very common task is to forward only a certain set of VLANs over a Wireless Point-to-Point (PtP) link. Since RouterOS v6.41 this can be done using bridge VLAN filtering and should be used instead of any other methods (including bridging VLAN interfaces).

VLAN Access and Trunk MUM Yogyakarta 19-20 Oct 2018 15 TRUNK (VLAN 10, VLAN 20, VLAN 30) VLAN 10 20 30 VLAN10 20 30 VLAN10 20 30 ACCESS ACCESS ACCESS Access carries Untagged packets to end devices or host (PC, laptop, Servers, etc) A trunk carries Tagged packets between switches and/or router. EUTC

We have two sites, connected via fibre and we want to create a VLAN trunk across and order to expand the broadcast domains to te other site. The IDIOT carrier, has a limitation on the number of MAC addresses they allow on the fibre service, 100. Ok, you got me stumped. Never heard of a carrier to put a cap on the number of MACs. Cisco to MikroTik – Switching and VLANs – Feb 06, 2019 How to set up a trunk between Miktrotik and Brocade switch Apr 16, 2020 Multiple VLAN, multiple SSID and one trunk with - MikroTik